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Our Story

Our Story:
Dr. Cameran and Dr. Jenni are sisters. Three of their nine maternal great-aunts were legally blind… they were born with cataracts and, unfortunately, doctors then did not have the medical techniques and equipment to diagnose and treat vision problems that they have today.  As the sisters were growing up, they became aware of the life difficulties their aunts had experienced due to their severely limited vision: barred from neighborhood schools, attending Schools for the Blind that were far away from home, Braille communications, etc.  Cameran and Jenni realized that if their aunts had had the benefits of modern vision care, life experiences could have been much easier for both them and their families.

The Drake sisters wanted to be able to help others today; the way they wished doctors in the past could have helped their aunts.  They decided to become optometrists. While the sisters were in optometry school they knew they wanted to eventually have their own optometry office and offer complete vision care for all ages.

After graduation they moved to Pueblo, CO to work independently for optical centers at Sam’s Club, JCPenney, & Sears to gain professional experiences. They subsequently moved to the Denver area to pursue greater opportunities while still working independently. Now, 3D Vision is a reality and Dr. Cameran and Dr. Jenni Drake are grateful for the opportunity to offer you and your families comprehensive and caring vision experiences.

Please guard your vision carefully with regular visits and exams.
From the young in age, to the young at heart, vision is your greatest gift – it would be an honor if you would let us help you to protect it.
~ The 3D Vision Team

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