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Dilation is very important to an eye examination. But with our newest technologies we now offer the option of doing pictures of the back of the eye, called retinal photography. Below you will find more information on this technology.  Please check it out, as prior to your exam, you will be asked if this is a technology you would be interested in taking advantage of.

What is Optos?

The Optomap Retinal Exam is used by your eye doctor to get an ultra-wide field view of the retina (the back of the eye). This retinal photography allows us to actually evaluate the health of up to 200 degrees of the eye.  It is a painless, quick procedure that can be crucial for early detection of common diseases, such as glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, and even cancer.

Watch the video below for more information:

Why is the retina important?

It is important to make sure that your retina is healthy. An unhealthy retina cannot send clear signals and this can result in impaired vision or blindness. If detected early, most retinal conditions and other diseases can be treated successfully.

Although you may see clearly, it is still important to have your retina checked. The retina has no nerve endings to interpret pain so there may be a problem that you are not aware of.

Will I need to be dilated, does it hurt?

An optomap takes only seconds to perform, is not painful, and typically does not require dilation. However, for some patients, dilation may still be required.

Is the Optos covered by my insurance?

Some insurances cover the Optos exam under specific plans. Please call us for more details about your insurance coverage.


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