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Introducing ZEISS i.Scription® lenses

All of our comprehensive eye examinations use the i.Profiler, as the starting point for your prescription. The i.Scription information that is gathered is a unique concept.  The data shows a personalized visual profile for your eyes.  Yellow corresponds to the ideal eye shape.  Other colors show exactly where your eye deviates from the norm.  The iProfiler provides detailed information on the imaging properties of the eye, in particular features such as higher order aberrations that influence vision in unfavorable lighting conditions, i.e. Night time driving.

ZEISIS Technology




The basis of the i.Scription® lens design is the combination of subjective refraction and the data obtained with the innovative i.Profiler® measuring system. It analyzes the human eye with a high degree of precision. Standard lenses are made in quarter steps of a diopter.  The i.Scription lens is made in hundredth steps of a diopter.



Optical Coherence Layers

An Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan enables eye doctors to see all ten layers of the retina (8 layers are labeled below). A basic eye exam only allows the doctor to see the top layer. At 3D Vision we INCLUDE this advanced screening tool into your comprehensive eye exam.

An OCT scan is quick, painless and allows the eye doctor to see inside the whole eye. This enables doctors to catch any tumors, thinning, or swelling in the back of the eye which all can cause vision loss.

Optical Coherence ScannerOptical Coherence Tomography is a diagnostic procedure in which a scanning light is used to create a digital cross-section image of the retina. The scanning light is aimed at the retina and a computer senses the amount of light reflected by the retina to create the cross-section image. This allows the thickness of the various retinal layers to be easily displayed. This diagnostic test is used to view swelling, membranes, macular holes, as well as a variety of optic nerve diseases/degenerations. In addition to viewing these conditions, the OCT is a great tool for diagnosing and treating glaucoma.

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